WITCH_blade is a cinematic cyberpunk artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the revitalised synthwave movement, WITCH_blade combines a love for sci-fi soundtracks and progressive electronic music styles to present a crunchy synth apocalypse and unique narrative sonic journey through the future.

WITCH_blade has developed a body of work entitled 'The Medusa Project, The Medusa Project is a sonic exploration of the myth of Medusa set against the backdrop of cyberpunk dystopia, retelling the tale through narrative music.


Quinn Ellis, the creator of this sonic world, has had a long standing passion for the evocative nature of music. With a keen mind for composition and the creative elements of electronic music production, Through WITCH_blade, Quinn seeks to deliver a narrative driven electronic music experience.

For almost a decade Quinn has developed her composition and production skills, now nearing the end of her bachelors degree in music production at Collarts. This environment has allowed WITCH_blade to flourish into a live experience, with plans to re-envisage what exactly it means to be an electronic performer.


Moving into an uncertain future in the year 2020, Quinn has adapted her strategy in order to keep the momentum going into a fruitful and diligent career ahead.

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