Music Producer and Performing Artist

WITCH_blade is the brainchild of up and coming music producer and composer Quinn Ellis, a soon to be graduate from the Australian College of the Arts. Step inside their artistic vision and learn about their current obsession:

The Medusa Project

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WITCH_blade is a cinematic cyberpunk artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the revitalised synthwave movement, WITCH_blade combines a love for sci-fi soundtracks and progressive electronic music styles to present a crunchy synth apocalypse and unique narrative sonic journey through the future.

We built her out of bright light, and gasoline, we made her up out of fairy tales, and eldritch beings”.

The Medusa Project.

Quinn Ellis, the creator of this sonic world, has had a long standing passion for the evocative nature of music, With a keen mind for composition and the creative elements of electronic music production, WITCH_blade seeks to deliver a narrative driven electronic music experience.



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